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outdoor pools frankfurt
Frankfurt has as many outdoor pools as the oceans: exactly seven. I will show you in which swimming pools in Frankfurt’s actions from ass bomb to slide are the most fun and if you are planning to visit the main financial centre of Germany then don’t wait for & book cheap flights to Frankfurt from London now.


Outdoor pool Hausen
In the swimming pool Hausen, swimmers “and non-swimmers· pools were L-shaped. Mockers claim that L stands for “Langeweile” which means boredom. Fact is: The unspectacular cosiness that prevails in the indoor swimming pool is its greatest strength. Instead of over-ambitious athletes beating far too high waves and prolls whistling after every second girl, one meets a likeable regular audience of business types, retirees and students – especially at the daily morning swim starting at 6:30. 
Because the pool is heated (always around 25 degrees) you can do your rounds here in any weather. There is also a playground and a paddling pool for younger guests.

Outdoor swimming pool Eschersheim
The widest slide in Europe (30 meters) is a rather curious record from which you should not be too impressed. Much more impress us the great location of the Eschersheimer outdoor pool almost directly on the Nidda, also the particularly large football field and the creative gastronomy: The Greek lessee of the kiosk can every year alternatives (such as salads or fresh strawberries) to the
usual uniform porridge of pommes and beef sausage come to mind. 

Riedbad Bergen-Enkheim
The Riedbad Bergen-Enkheim is the perfect place to go at temperatures over 30 degrees. Thanks to climatic peculiarities, it is always three, four pleasant degrees colder than in the rest of the city in the Riedbad – located between idyllic orchards on the Berger slope. The equipment: a diving pool with one- three- and five-meter- platforms for daring actions from ass bomb to somersault. Professionals dive splash-free from the starting block into the 50-meter- long sports pool. Who still has to practice how to stay afloat, please: There are a separate non-swimmer pool and a paddling pool with funny water squirting.

Despite minor deficiencies (sports pool with marked tracks and fun pool with giant slide are no indication) counts the Brentano bad to the most popular outdoor pools in Frankfurt. In addition to the cities tastiest swimming pool (80 cents per ball) and the lushest sunbathing area (including a children’s playground, beer garden and three beach volleyball courts), the biggest asset is the 220
x 50 meters largest outdoor pool (combined non-swimmer and swimmer pool) in Europe. The water surface of 11,000 square meters gives us great comfort that the swimming lakes of Frankfurt are not exactly in the centre.

The oldest outdoor swimming pool in Frankfurt, the Stadionbad, was built in 1925 in Art Nouveau style. If you are more interested in swimming styles, train on one of eight lanes in the 50-meter pool. In no other Frankfurt swimming pool, ambitious athletes can work out so undisturbed. 


The fun faction has its own pool – equipped with two wide slides, an artificial waterfall and lazy river. 
The city’s only ten-meter tower and the longest outdoor swimming pool slide at 118 meters provide the perfect mix of water and adrenaline.

Spacious lawns and playgrounds, stainless steel swimming pools and a 50-meter- long swimmer’s pool with diving boards at a height of 1 and 3 meters and a diving area – all this and much more is offered by the Silobad in Höchst.  For all small and large non-swimmers, a special pool is available, which even comes with a slide! Well, if that does not promise a great day. For an extra charge, guests can even get active and try either aqua jogging or a round of mini golf.

Forest swimming pool Kronberg
Anyone who tries to play football on the daringly steep lawn is sure to shout “Aua” more often than Tor that the Waldschwimmbad Kronberg is not suitable for the bolt, but is not a problem. The surrounding nature and the many dense trees, tempt one to rest rather than to romp anyway. Exploitation can be found in the onslaught on the three-meter-high diving tower or on one of six 50-meter lanes in the sports pool. For a good mood in the water also provide a 60-meter slide and a fun pool with soil spill, a flow channel and water cannon.

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