Kavala in Greece The combination of Contemporary and Historical Cultures

kavala greece

Kavala is a lovely town nestled in the hills of northern Greece

And it’s far the primary port of eastern Macedonia and the capital of the Kavala area. The amphitheater-formed city rises up from the stunning harbor as much as the majestic Byzantine fortress. It boasts smooth beaches that appearance untouched and pristine.


It is to this city the Apostle Paul first got here to Greece. The town is an exciting combination of each the present day and historical cultures.

You may see contemporary homes and buy squares at the west facet of the metropolis, even as its east side has conventional homes and gardens.
The city has numerous amazing castles and fishing regions, and it has a stunning view of the harbor.

A little bit of Kavala history
The Thassians had been the primary settlers of Kavala, who got here in the seventh century BC on the lookout for gold and silver. They referred to as this town Neapolis.

On the end of the sixth century Neapolis have become independent, however, it became conquered via the allied forces of Spartans and Thassians at some point of the Peloponnesian war in 411 BC.

In 168 BC, the metropolis has become a Roman Civitas and turned into their base until forty-two BC. Then the metropolis turned into taken over with the aid of the Byzantines, who fortified the town to defend it from invaders.

Because of its place the town flourished economically. The Normans captured the metropolis and burned it in 1185 throughout the raid of Macedonia.

The Byzantine emperor constructed a protective wall to prevent the Normans from coming again.
The Ottoman Turks captured the town in 1387 and it remained beneath them until 1912.
They prolonged the Byzantine fortress and built the aqueduct.

The Bulgarians defeated the Ottomans and occupied Kavala for a quick duration in 1912 until it turned into annexed to Greece in 1913.
At some point of the WWII the metropolis changed into given to the Bulgarians by using the Nazis in 1941, however, it turned into liberated in 1944.

The festival of Philippi is a pinnacle festival of Kavala that consists of theatrical performances and music live shows.

Different famous gala’s of Kavala are Cosmopolis, Ilios ke Petra, Giannis Papaioannou, and Wood Water Wild festival.

A number of the superb human beings of Kavala are Muhammad Ali, Pasha, Theodore Kavalliotis, George Georgiadis, Anthi Karagianni, Kleon Krantonellis, and so on.
Panagia is well-known for tobacco and marble.

The historical town of Philippi close to Kavala, Greece – this is an essential archaeological site of historic Greece named after King Philippi II (father of Alexander the brilliant), perfect for history enthusiasts. It’s far a famous traveler enchantment and a need to stop on your next eastern Mediterranean trip.

visit kavala greece

Visit Kavala in Greece


Distances to Kavala

153 km / 95 miles from Thessaloniki, Greece
652 km / 405.1 miles from Athens, Greece

A few things to look in Kavala

The historic town of Philippi
The antique Aqueduct
The fortress
Churches and Monasteries
Archeological Museum
Tobacco Museum
The city hall
Walk to Profitis Illias

Popular Beaches in Kavala, Greece

Rapsani and Navagos are the two other famous beaches of Kavala.

The Kavala climate is good for a vacation, and both foreigners and locals take benefit of the sunny climate and seaside activities.

The nightlife is greater colorful and the streets bustle with travelers.

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