Udziro Lake, Racha, one of the great hikes of Georgia in Europe

udziro lake hike georgia

Udziro Lake trip, Racha, Georgia

The Lake Udziro is a small alpine lake (literally without the bottom) at the altitude of 2800 ms, located close to Shovi hotel, Racha at the slope of Mt.Katitsvera (3300).


The path crosses 306 ms bypass (mild trouble for skilled hikers).
It makes ideal for day summer season hike in a nice climate with camping on the lake from which there are incomparable panoramic perspectives to the Caucasus mountain variety.

Earlier than describing this one of the amazing trekking paths, I’m able to let you know few words about the base area for this hike Shovi Inn and the area Racha.
The hotel is placed in Georgia’s exceptional Racha area, at the shore of river Chanchakhi. The place Racha isn’t always defined in most tour publications. It has much less to look in comparison to Svaneti however it has surely excellent nature.

Hotel Shovi, installed in 1926, is placed 350 kms west from Tbilisi and 130km from Kutaisi. It’s well-known for its particular sixteen kinds of mineral waters. Shovi is located at 1650 ms from the sea stage and belongs to semi-alpine motels. At the north, the motel is surrounded by means of high mountains of the Caucasus with a median peak of 4000 ms.
At the south, west and east it’s miles bordered through Shoda-Kedela mountain variety of the greater Caucasus mountains with a height of 3000-3600m. The highest peek is Shoda 3609 and some other peak on slopes of which our vacation spot Udziro lake is positioned is Katitsvera (3300).
Shovi is completely covered from northern winds way to this levels. There are numerous resorts to stay in Shovi, amongst the ones, for quiet relaxation in an awesome nature, you may go to 4-star resort sundown Shovi.

The way to get to the base area:

To get to Shovi you drive or take a mini bus to Shovi/Oni from Didube (8 AM cost around 25 GEL). You need to live in Shovi in a resort or camp there. (In case your first stop in Oni, which was one of the oldest settlement of Georgian Jews with antique synagogue, you may live at Motel Gallery that’s famous amongst travellers).

Hiking journey information:
udziro racha georgia
From Shovi you want to follow GPS track published under or get a neighbourhood guide (general 100 gel for two days). You want to deliver your camping equipment with you.
It’s viable to try this journey in one day too in case you are a very skilled hiker and begin as early as 5 AM in the morning, however, I definitely suggest 2-day journey with encamp on the lake if it’s now not past due September or early June when it’s nevertheless plenty of snow around. The fine season is sunny days of July-August however it’s viable to do that ride even in September and June with a warning.

You’ll walk up stunning pine wooded area from Shovi, then you’ll attain alpine valley and after that very tiring and once in a while, very steep ascent begins. After which you attain the pass with lovely views.
It takes eight hours to attain the pass and to descend to the lake (1700-1800 in vertical up and 350m down in round 12km).


There are spring and the small area in the front of the lake so its miles need to camp there. Whilst you awaken in the morning you’ll have an awesome view: Caucasus super variety summits can be pondered inside the water similar to this: Shkhara (5200), Tetnuldi (4852) and Ushba (4700) and plenty of different summits of more Caucasus variety.

Then you could descend to any other way to Glola village without crossing the pass once more but it’s simpler to discover your way lower back via crossing the ridge. you could use the GPS tracks right here: one for Shovi – Udziro route and every other for Udziro – Glola path.

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