Looking for cheap Hotels? Know 6 websites to search and compare prices

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6 websites where found cheap Hotel prices

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If you travel and plan your own trips without going to agencies, you know that finding accommodation for a trip is always a delicate matter. Where are you going to live in that period of time when you’re away from home?
Factors such as the quality of the service provided, the number of stars in the hotel and the type of infrastructure they have are always points considered by those who are planning a trip. The price also goes, of course, in this equation and is almost always the determining factor when making a decision.


With the intention of helping you plan your trip, here’s a list of digital platforms that specialize in finding hotels, arranging your options at the best prices. Just fill out what type of accommodation you are looking for, when you plan to travel and how many people will
accompany you to get hundreds of results straight away.

Explore 6 sites to discover and compare hotels

If you are planning to travel soon and are now looking for accommodation, then rest assured that there is a platform that can put you in touch with thousands of hotels around the world. 
The Booking with its mission is to help its users (make them leisure or business trips and regardless of the budget they have to spend) to discover, book and enjoy the best accommodations for your stay. 
For this reason, the Booking. with no booking fees and, in most cases, rooms are subject to free cancellation. More importantly, the platform offers the best prices available in the market.

Discover the World
The Discover the World is a slightly different platform to those we usually pay attention. Although it is related to travel, it addresses a very concrete audience: Brazilian students interested in studying abroad. The Discover the World is assumed as the largest online platform for students who wish to make an exchange outside Brazil. 
By offering students an intuitive search engine, the platform helps them find the best prices, as well as the schools with the most suitable programs for the budget and area of study. Committing to finding the best prices available on the market, Discover the World is very easy to use.

Accor Hotels
Want a hotel at a good price? We recommend Accor and its hotel chain, which includes 2800 hotels of 13 different brands, established in 92 countries around the world. But these are numbers that continue to grow every year as more and more hotels recognize the value of Accor’s loyalty program. 
All you need to do is join the Le Club Accor Hotels loyalty program. Once you become a customer you will have access to a number of advantages and as your relationship grows with Accor hotels, the program will reward you with unique opportunities and promotions given only to loyal customers.

The Hotels.com is much more than a search engine for hotels: the platform assumes the main mission to find the best price for its customers. Otherwise, if another agency practices a better price, the Hotels. With you paying the difference so you never get lost. The platform is comprised of more than 435,000 establishments worldwide, ranging from independent hotels to large chains.


All prices are updated at the moment, as well as promotional campaigns, so you always find the cheapest deals. The idea is that you always know what the best offer even if it happens on the eve of picking up your plane.

The Hotelopia is a comparator of digital hotels that works in partnership with numerous international brands, including more than 55,000 hotels in over 7,500 destinations. No wonder that to date the platform has had more than 30 million customers in 180 countries. It’s all very simple. 
Once you find the hotel suitable for your needs, you can book through the platform. Here, Hotelopia is distinguished by a great advantage. Do not want to make the payment online? No problem! Payment can be made in person at the hotel at the time of check-out. What matters is that you make your reservation and stay in a place that you like.

Hotel Urbano
The Hotel Urban is one of the largest online travel agencies in Brazil. Here you can find travel packages and hotels not only in Brazil but in most of the world. Best of all is that you can pay for your trip in 10 instalments without any kind of interest and all at unbeatable prices. 
The Hotel Urbano was born to make possible the dreams of those who want to travel. Thus, they aim to promote sustainable economic and social development through tourism. By breaking the barrier of seasonality, they hope to be able to promote the exchange of knowledge through actual travel experiences.

Another site for your accomodattion in Uruguay is 01argentina.com. A travel agency with more than 12 years of experience.
Too you can took a look in our page about Travel agencies in Sofia Bulgaria where you can found a list of Hotels, Tours services, Travel agencies and more information for your next trip.


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