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Kosovo (in Albanian, Kosova, in Serbian Kosovo-Metohija) is an area located at the South of Serbia, the Balkan peninsula, bounded on the southeast by the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania and southwest the east by Montenegro. Its capital is Pristina. She enjoyed autonomous status since 1946 until 1989.

Crash Course to understand the conflict. Kosovo is a province of Serbia that is less than11,000 square kilometers, has 2,000,000 inhabitants and is one of the poorest regions of Europe. Ethnic Albanians, almost all Muslims are 90 percent of the population.

The Serbs (Slavs and Orthodox Christians) are just 200,000, but total control over the place His hatred begins in the thirteenth century: the Turks defeated the Serbs and imposed Islam. But the spark of conflict in modern times was kindled with the cancellation by Serbia of Kosovo autonomy dictated by Marshal Tito after World War II.

Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia and Bosnia (Yugoslav provinces) declared themselves independent.

In 1998, the Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic ordered in response to the murder of two policemen, an ethnic llmpíeza: slaughter that forced NATO to intervene politically andmilitarily. Kosovo Albanians and the Serbs what Jerusalem is to Jews and Muslims.Ethnicity, nationalism and religion collide as planets. Hate is ancient. The peace fragile.The future, as uncertain as dangerous.

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