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Some advice about accommodation in Slovenia for your next trip

accommodation slovenia


Located next to Italy and the European Union, Slovenia has many beautiful places that travellers can enjoy.
In order to get the most out of your travels, you must find an accommodation in Slovenia that makes you feel as comfortable as possible. Getting the most out of your trip all depends on the places that you stay.

Consider taking your trip to the largest city in the north-west region.
Kranj is a beautiful place to visit. One great location to stay at is Hotel Azul Kranj, this is near Ljubljana airport. With such a convenient location and being centrally located in Slovenia, this should be one of your top choices to visit.

If you love the coast then Koper is going to be where you want to stay during your trip. An accommodation in Slovenia should provide you with memories for a lifetime.

Take a walk around Koper’s Old City and get to know the country like you never could before.

The Mercator and Supernova shopping centres will also provide you and your family with many places to enjoy yourselves.
When you need to get out of the area then you can take a simple bus ride. Busses are active to take you out of the area every 20 minutes.

Want to see one of the older cities Slovenia has to offer? Celje has been around for a long time. This city actually rests on the Savinja River.

You do not need transportation to get around the area. Everything is within walking distance when you visit Celje.
Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia. The city is right next to Austria and very close to the Drava River.

There is something to do for everyone in Maribor. Places to visit include the Old Vine, Main Square, Castle Square, and Maribor Castle.


An accommodation in Slovenia that offers so much for tourists comes in Maribor. Make this one of the top places you plan to visit when you go to the country.
Slovenia is a big and beautiful country that is very accommodating to tourists. What’s great about this country is that it is centrally located.

Many of the most popular cities can easily be explored on foot. Other countries in the area are also within a reasonable distance. Find an accommodation in Slovenia that you feel suits you best and enjoy yourself in the country.
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