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The Forbes magazine rated Brela in Croatia as the best beach in Europe and the 6th in the world.

Brela in Croatia is a small village with the beach at your feet, 6 kms of beach of white stones and plenty of coves along them, all surrounded by pine forest.

Probably is the Croatia’s best beaches with a very crystalline water lapping the coves that stretch for 6 km so long.

The sand beach is more like gravel but it is easy to walk without feel the stones underfoot.

Every cove is almost like a private hideaway, surrounded by pine trees and invisible to any road and all but a few hotels views.

You need to visit “Kamen Brela” tanslated like Brela Stone, a small rock island localized in the main beach, the Punta Rata beach. This small island is the symbol of the town.

Also the town of Brela is a delight with its sub tropical greenery and appealing mixture of news and older houses.

The population is around 2.000 inhabitants and is part of the knowly Makarska riviera.

Getting to Brela Beach Croatia

brela croatia

Brela is halfway between Split and Makarska (15 kms) and is very close from either town. It’s very easy make a day trip from Split or Makarska to Brela as all buses between the towns stop at Brela.

Where stay in Brela Croatia

The hotel accomodation has improved in the latests years.
Have a lot of beds available probably in the next months some boutique hotels will be constructed.
All hotels are very well-located and are very close to the beach.

4 stars hotels in Brela Croatia

Hotel Sunceva Postelja
Hotel Bluesun Berulia

3 stars hotels
Hotel Maestral
Hotel Bluesun Marina
Hotel Soline

For private accommodation you can look at Casa Vecchia, Villa Arija, Apartmani Lozo, or Villa Petra which has a terrace with a very nice sea view.

Tourist Information

The tourist office (phone 021-618 255) is localized in Obala Kneza Domagoja that is the main street.

brela beach croatia

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