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Brezovica has gotten its fame around the world and especially in tourism fraternity owing to its being a home to one of the best Ski resorts, there is a main Sky Resort found in the region known as Brezovica ski resort, otherwise there are some other ski resorts just nearby owing to the type of weather around, many tourists around the world frequent the region to explore the ski resorts fraternity, the existing ski resort mainly with a name of Brezovica covers a larger area, many world tourism excursions heads to the location for purposes of Mountains and ice activities, there are many trails where different icing activities can take place while here, the Brezovica is known for its Ski activities around the world.
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Brezovica Ski Resort:


1. The Ski Resort is located within the North Western regions of Sharr Mountains; the altitude of between 900m to 2,500m above the seal level makes it to experience snow and ice caped at lower temperatures.

2. The Ski resort region is a big expanse of several kilometers which describes the city itself, the cold weather condition which is prevalent throughout the year makes it an ideal destination for tourism all the year around.

3. The region is known as a venue form many recreational and sporting activities; it has once offered a site for International Ski Federation Events of the 80s and 1990’s respectively.

4. But due to the breakdown of war in the region in the past, the resort was neglected for a long time, but now everything is back to normal.

The Ridge Terrain:
1. The ridge terrain offers a great opportunity in the entire region to develop the mountain resort activities all year round.

2. During the winter seasons, there is a snow fall from the months of November through to May the following year, during such times the Skiing activities are increased in the region.

3. The skiable seasons expands to about 128 days, the season brings in accelerated activities around the Mountain, hiking, skiing, trekking and many other outdoor sporting activities.

Brezovica in summer:

1. Summer season is much warmer and a lot of activities can be experience within the Mountain region, during this time there is much warmth and happiness in the region with celebration activities.

2. Activities like weddings and various parties are experienced during the warmer summer holidays, the mountain ski area is much friendly during such times.

3. Many sport enthusiasts also take advantage to do mountain hiking as a game around the mountains, competitions are also carried out during the season. 4. Horse riding and mountain climbing also is another important sporting activity during the summer times, spa services and other beauty facilities are given priority during the period.

Sharr Mountains and North Slopes:

1. The Sharr Mountains and North Slopes offers a strategic position for the Ski Resort, the locality within the heart of Sharr gives it an opportunity to experience snow falls.

2. The North with North West gives a panoramic views down the slopes to the ridges below, many trails can easily accentuate to the mountains letting an easy snow fall.

3. The vast resort area represent one of the underdeveloped Ski resorts in the whole Southern Europe, notwithstanding the ridge-lines are well accentuated to enjoy the right slope, altitude and terrain making them to offer recreational sports, the sports are active in winter through to even springs season.

Ski Trails in Brezovica:


1. There are several Ski trails that are usable by many sports enthusiasts visiting the Ski resort area, the trails are some of the most streamlined known in the whole world, like the Alpines trails or Alaska trails.

2. The total distance covered by all trails combined runs to about 18 kilometers.

3. The slopes are also numbering about nine in total with the longest trail being found in Prepreg trail which is 3; 500 meters long at an altitude of about 804m to 2,552 a top the Mountain.

4. The shortest trail is Bacilo with only 301 meters and an altitude of 74 m to 1,803 above the sea level.
If you want to go and experience the wonders and adventurers of Brezovica Ski Resort and many other places in the Kosovo region.

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