The Rock Monastery of Saint Dimitrie Basarabov Bulgaria


The legend says that the Monastery was found in the 14th century by the Wallachian King Basarab the 1st.

A handsome young man, named Dimitrie, took the monastic path.
After his death, the whirling waters carried his body far from the Rusenski Lom river.
Miracles began to occur: St. Dimiter was protecting the village.
Therefore the inhabitants named their village Dimitrie

During the Russian-Turkish war in 1769, general Salticov took the Saint’s remains and, on request of the Bulgarian community of Bucharest, left them for safekeeping in Romania.

Nowadays they are preserved in the Patriarchial Cathedral.
The venerable Saint Dimiter Basarabov seems to reunite the Romanians and the Bulgarians.

This Monastery was founded over the cave where Saint Dimitri lived his ascetic life. The Saint Dimitrie Monastery is located near the town of Basarabov, Bulgaria.

Too was burned down during the Turkish-Russian war. At that time more than 60 valuable icons from the Monastery were stolen and never more recover.

The actual monastery of Saint Dimitrie was built in 1865. It consists of a church, built in the cave of St. Dimitri, and some cells building in the near rocks.

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Monastery of Saint Dimiter

bulgarian monastery Saint Dimitrie Basarabov

Saint Dimitrie Basarabovo
Saint Dimitrie Basarabov Bulgarian

Saint Dimitrie Basarabov



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rock monastery basarabov bulgaria

Monastery of Saint Dimiter in Basarabov Bulgaria

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