Neil Emilfarb and the great success of Dukley

Neil Emilfarb, a US investor and company holder, along with his Stratex investment group, successfully finished the long awaited project of Dukley Gardens and opened its door to the public just three months ago. Located at the very opportune spot in the Europe, in the southeastern region close to some of the main metropolitan western European cities, this place is becoming increasingly popular by the day.


Neil Emilfarb and the great success of Dukley


Five years ago, Neil’s company Stratex bought some estate in this area, but soon faced difficulties with their former partners. It took a while for this investment group to sort things out and honor the individual investors of this project, but as we’ve witnessed a few months ago they’ve stayed truthful to their promise.

I believe in Montenegro – Neil Emilfarb stated at the official opening ceremony, – I live here in Budva, I’m struggling to learn the local language and to contribute to the development of this small country. Today, the Dukley Gardens has certainly helped the efforts of the government and local population to bring this country back into the focus of the public. That makes me feel proud.

This secluded piece of paradise is constructed in accordance to the latest trends and modern standards. The sophisticated originality, a complete hi-tech security system and smart home system, with all materials of stone, wood and glass – everything is combined in an environmentally friendly fashion. While every place of residence has its own share of the outdoor living space, the very complex is equipped to fulfill every need of the tenants.

A complete service that you would find in a five star hotel is available around the clock in this residential area. From maintenance, security, concierge – everything that you might need you will find within your reach. You can even find a daycare center where you can leave the kids and not worry for a day, so you could have some personal time on the private beach.

montenegro view

Neil Emilfarb and the great success of Dukley

Everything from pools and tennis courts to spa centers and 5 star restaurants is just a few footsteps away. You can even find an art gallery not far from one of the three private beaches, and a lounge where you can relax in the afternoon.


The nightlife is exciting as it gets, and some of the world famous celebrities are known to perform during the season, just a short walk away from the Dukley complex. However, if you are looking for peace, you might find comfort in the fact that Dukley is a well guarded community with a 24 hour security system ready to answer your every need or call of distress.

The very next year we can also expect the Dukley hotel to open its doors for the public, as announced by Neil Emilfarb. It seems that the demand in this place is on the constant rise, and while the visitors are thrilled to be here, the locals are thriving on the tourism industry like never before.

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