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Fourni or Fournoi is the name of 1 island of 12 little islands in Greece, which lie between Ikaria, Patmos and Samos. The two biggest of this isle team, Fourni and the Island Thimena (or Thymena) are populated, as well as small sized southern island Agios Minas. On the primary isle is the biggest town, which has the same name as the island, namely Fourni. The island has about 2000 inhabitants. The second biggest town on the isle Fourni can be discovered in the northern and is known as Chryssomilia. It is a bit small than town of Thimena on the encompassing isle. In Fourni the vessel boats cruise in.

Most people on Fourni island Greece live of sportfishing or farming, and part of them work in the journey and leisure market. On the primary isle there are a variety of wonderful seashores such as Vlychada, Vitsilia, Petrokopio, Elidaki and Bali. In the previously periods Fourni was known as Korseon and it was the site of cutthroat buccaneers. Thimena island in Greece has a inhabitants of about 140 individuals and owes its name to the bulk of crazy thyme that develops on the isle.
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On Thimena can be discovered the wonderful Agios Ioannis monastery of Fourni island Greece. The other small isles in the islands are intended as a picturesque place for creatures and the special nesting seabirds such as the Aegean seagull (Aigaioglaros). There are many little clfs and fun sandbeaches that can be achieved on feet or with a kaik. In the little fishtaverna’s in the town Fourni you try the specialty of the isle, the cooked seafood. In the town, you can also, for example, seek the services of a kaik or a little vessel to discover the more distant seashores.

The island of Fourni in Greece is perfect for people who like relaxed atmosphere. There is no comprehensive street system on Fourni and the isle is perfect for making strolling. There are not a lot of vehicles and there is only 1 cab. It is possibly to seek the services of a motorcycle, but there is no car hire on the island. More people have a vessel than a car. A few kilometers outside Fourni town the road street prevents and becomes footpaths. However, the isle is on the move and with journey and leisure in the back of the brings they are working quickly on the street system and road will appear on more streets fairly soon. In 2008 we saw that huge items of the street were increased and probably it will soon be done with the “walking only” on the isle, and the variety of vehicles will also increase. Individually I think that for this island it would only be outstanding if some of the seashores could be more easily achieved. The biggest secrets of the isle in my perspective will still be the citizens, who are so very helpful and welcoming, and the weather of the town of Fourni which is so comfortable and full of personality, with all its little chapels, stores and outstanding dining places.

In the southern west at about 20 minutes away, are the two clfs of Kampi with some wind turbines, a local bar scene and two seashores. South of Kampi are many untainted clfs and seashores and the isle is as outstanding as discontinued. If you take the street that brings out of the town on the other part than you end up at Psili Amos Beach (with a few plants on it for shade) and another seaside with a little cathedral on it. On the last seaside some little plants have been placed but they don’t give much colour yet (2008). Both seashores are very silent and they are fresh. The stroll requires about 10 – 20 moments.

In the northern the town of Chrisomilia can be achieved via a footpath (we never created it but we estimate it is about two and a half time stroll, maybe three). Fourni town and particularly the harbor front side of the town is a bit more lively and there are some stores and tavernas. The tavernas provide mainly fresh seafood, but also the ovendishes are a specialty of the isle. The food is typically Ancient and is provided with fresh breads. Because most citizens have a vessel, and there is an comprehensive navy on the island of Fourni Greece fresh seafood and seafood often costs a part of what you pay at other Ancient isles. The town of Fourni has a bakery, a grocery store, a butchers, a drugstore, a postal service and there is a hairstylist. On Sundays normally all the stores are shut.

For the fans of naturist seashores there is also a place to be discovered on the island. At the seashores at the northern part of the town you can sometimes discover a identify on the sides of the seaside and also on the more distant seashores and clfs like for example the silent seaside of Vitsila you can drop into the sea without yourclothes.


Plans of vessel boats can change based on the year and they differ from year to year, so always examine. For this greece island you can look the website of “Samos Ships” and GA Ferries. GA Ferries makes several relationships weekly, sometimes making beginning in the beginning morning, sometimes making in manufactured. This trip is a bit smaller because the vessel goes straight from Samos to Fourni, than to Ikaria and after that to the Cylades (Naxos, Paros and Piraeus). See routine / path on the image on the right part. If you examine and cannot discover any plans on than you are probably at the beginning and the schedules haven’t been accepted yet. Please try again later in the year. Sometimes the proprietor of the place you reserved knows best and you can ask him / her.

If you want to visit check out Fourni and stay there your whole holiday or a part of it, it is the most convenient to fly on Samos in Greece. It would also allow a mixture of a length of time at Samos, which is also very awesome, and some periods at Fourni. Another option is to fly to Athens and then hop on the vessel in Piraeus, but that trip requires of course much longer.

Bilios Hotel loves an raised place in the conventional town Fournoi. It provides bedrooms with great opinions of the slot, the sea and the town. The air-conditioned bedrooms at Bilios Restort are complete with TV, kitchen area, fridge and veranda. The packages are situated right on the hilltop providing spectacular opinions to the town and the amazingly red sea. Fournoi is money of the isle and the center of action, providing seafood taverns, and cafe providing beginning morning meal, java and home made candies. On the far remaining part of the slot there is a little seaside, and a 10-minute stroll from there you will discover the seaside Psili Ammos.

There are not that many resorts or hotels on the island, but I we discovered this hotel that seemed very awesome. It is a just new (2007) 3-stars outstanding hotel and is is known as Archipelagos Hotel. It is a little hotel with 12 bedrooms (9 enhances, such as 1 especially for the impaired, and 3 tripples).

All bedrooms have a terrace with a wonderful view of the harbor and the bay. The hotel is start all year. There is a wedding celebration and there’s a bar and a cafe. All bedrooms have air conditioner, satellite tv TV, safe and a fridge. The hotel is situated on the harbor a bit on the part of the town and looks over the bay and the slot. The hotel is very perfectly developed, with lots of diamond and timber. On the rock flooring on the floor and the stairways show non-renewable continues to be of ferns.

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The bedrooms of the Archipelagos Hotel in Fourni Greece are developed with a wonderful contemporary design bathing room, outstanding mattresses and a lcd TV. It’s very enjoyable on the veranda, especially with java in the beginning morning or with a consume at night, because of the awesome perspective over the town and the bay.

Below is the wedding ceremonyand there is a outstanding cafe with seats and a veranda at the front side of the place and on the connect in the slot reverse the place. No expences have been saved to beautify the place. You can have a inexpensive beginning morning meal in the place beginning at 4$. The cafe was outstanding. On this greece island you will not discover big hotels and there is no share on the isle. Most resorts are little and in the form of hotels and guesthouses. In Aug usually everything is reserved out, because the isle is popular with the Greeks themselves. I would put the Archipelagos Hotel in the high-class classification but it is actually also quite inexpensive.

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